Something is out there. Chasing you day and night. And there is no way it’s gonna leave you. It’s gonna be with you to harass you for the rest of your life. And you know what it is? Fear.

Be it Darkness, Ghosts, Animals, Magic, Exams or Believes, It’s always coming for you. The moment you think you escaped, it’s gonna be ahead of you and come and boom you in your face.

However, the fact is that FEAR is a soul without a body. And in order to function, it requires a body which is why it enters into your mind. Your mind loves his new buddy so much that they constantly manipulate you, making you question at each and every stage about what’s next.

So from this, it’s quite obvious that the only person to help you get rid of you is you yourself. And for that the basic thing you need to get inside your head is that it only exists in your brain.

So, you think you can win the battle?

Nahh…I don’t think so. Because fear has till now not only got inside ur mind, it’s inside ur soul. And you are a victim of an incurable disease. So enjoy the left days.