She knew that her body was giving up but she had to do this for her children.
Alana was a fighter. She faught everyday. Knowing that your husband doesn’t earn well is not an easy fact to digest. But she had always been a supporter. She earned too. However she had a lot of responsibilities.
Woke up at 5 everyday and started cleaning of house. Her mother in law used to wake up at 6 and then her husband and father in law. She had two daughters.
When she married Jamie, she knew it won’t be easy for a foreigner like her to adjust in a typically Indian family. But all through 29 years of her married life, she kept on trying.
Her in-laws were not easy to live with but she made them love her. She had learnt hard work from her dad and was ready to work anytime she was asked.
But now, she was 52 and her body had started giving up. She went for a job in the morning and gave tuitions in the evening. Her boss gave her a hard time as well but she never gave up.

One fine day, finally a miracle happened. Her elder daughter got a great job. Even in the times of financial crises her mother had let her study all she wanted. Alana sent her to the finest schools and universities. And all that hard work now gave them the fruits.
Her daughter came to her and said, “Mother, finally it’s time for you to retire. Finally, the days of our struggle have ended and you don’t need to work anymore. I will take care of our family just the way you have so far. Now it’s time that my struggle began.”

Author: Mirage

Tale as old as time

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