Do you know how it feels when you are under the water and cannot get out. You struggle for breath but all you get is water and you try so hard to get above it but then you realize that you are tied with a big rock that won’t allow you to get to the surface.

Being underwater can be beautiful but the longer you stay the harder it gets to come through.

Same is the case with relationships. And by relationships I do not only mean the lovers but friends and family as well. It is so much suffocating to know that inspite of having a group of friends and a great family, no one understands you.

Being alone is hard. You feel like you should go to people who are not your friends any more. You don’t get respect there but only reason you would want to go to them is because you are desparate. Being alone has made you desparate.

Being in a relationship that you know is never going to work out is suffocating. Crying on little fights and wondering why are you still with him. But it’s too late now you think. You can’t break up now. But sometimes you just have to let go. Again not easy ofcourse but it gives so much of relief. Feels like you finally beat that rock and came above the surface breathing fresh air.

Author: Mirage

Tale as old as time

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