An apology


“Dear Blair,
            Hope that you are back to your routine and working efficiently, as always.
You must wonder why I am writing this to you after 3 months of breaking up so badly. And on top of it, a letter, when I can mail or simply text you anytime. But I hope you will find your answers in this letter.
I just wanted to tell you that I lied to you and that this letter is an apology. An apology for telling all those harsh words. And I lied to you when I said that I didn’t love you anymore. You were the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I still remember 8th of March, you were in your red and black dress. I confessed my feelings and you said yes. And all three years that we have spent together. Your smile, it feels like heaven to see you smile every time. And I love to tease you. And you look so cute when you are angry, and also when you cry. Sometimes I don’t know whether to let you cry of stop you.  And you know you are so short, and that’s so cute. Your eyes are the best part of your face. They can never hide anything from me. Not even the surprises you planned for me. But I hate them when they cry because every tear is so precious.
I never imagined I would get so lucky to have you in my life. Not to mention that you were my crush for a year till I finally confessed. All those moments I spent with you were the best ones of my life and I never ever wanted to dump you the way I did.
I just wanted to confess something before I go away.
Two days before I broke up with you, I came to know that I was on the final stage of my Lung Cancer. I know you always told me not to smoke. I tried my best. But I did smoke when you were not around. That is the second lie. I could not quit smoking even after all if your efforts and I know I failed you.
I did not want you to see me dying. I did not want to trouble you and above all I didn’t want to see your tears.
You will find this letter after my death. Please forgive me for all I have done wrong and please don’t hate me, that’s all I want.
P.S.- I love you and want you to be the happiest girl on this planet.

Author: Mirage

Tale as old as time

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