A visit


My dad is engaged with social work. There’s a foundation called “Paramhans Swami Lilashah Foundation” which helps the poor and needy people for improving their standard of living. This foundation helps people in every way it can. It raises funds from the richer sections and passes on to the poor in the form they need. They provide children with books and school fees and also food grains to families every month.

So tonight, dad asked me to come with him to visit one of these people and give them money. Dad described them on the way.
This family had 7 members in all. A husband who recently was detected with throat cancer, a wife who was busy to keep the whole family together and meet ends, 4 daughters and a son.
The father woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Gets ready to catch the 6 AM local train to Rajkot and reaches there at 8:30. He has appointment with local doctors who offer free treatments under some Government schemes. The treatment is free but the transportation charges take almost 30% of their income.
So they had asked for Rs. 3000 from the foundation. When we went there today to give them the pay, the wife was not home. She took her daughter who was 19 to Ahmedabad. Recently the daughter suffered from a chronic elbow pain in one of her hands and couldn’t bear it. The doctors in this small town couldn’t detect what was wrong.

When we gave them the money, they thanked us and said that they were so much in need of that amount. It was the first time I had been in this work. I had a look around their house, the ceiling was falling apart and the the plasters were ripped off. I tried to talk to the youngest of daughters. She said she had just passed her 10th class with good grades and was willing to do something in science stream. This was something amazing.

I came home and I had to share this with everyone who has time to read this. All I know is that I am always complaining about stuff I don’t have to my dad and mom. But looking down at someone, makes me feel more vulnerable. I think everyone in this world deserves a healthy and happy life style.

Today I feel much more greatful for my belongings than I ever in my life have. I just pray for all the souls in need out there and hope to help them in my best possible ways.

Author: Mirage

Tale as old as time

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