Have you ever thought, what you are seeing now can be a dream and when you are dreaming can be reality.

Just imagine one morning waking up and opening your door and your house is flying like “UP”

Have you ever imagined, your mum, your dad, siblings and cousins and everyone that’s related to you, all of them are just paid actors. They are all acting and you are in a big prank TV show and someday they’re all gonna laugh at you and you would have to laugh with them.
Your best friend or sister you share your secreats with is just playing you. Your mum and dad. Yeah, I know this all’s nonsense but, there is a possibility.

Well, I know you’ve atleast imagined about aliens. What if these aliens were our masters and all these TV actors worked for these aliens. What then?

Imagine every book in this world that crosses your eye is just written to catch your attaintion. Even all the TV shows and movies.

Okay think about this, what is sky actully falls someday like in the rabbit story and it happens that aliens were jumping on the sky so it fell.

Well, what if this whole world was just in a tiny little flower. I remember seeing a movie in which this stuff was shown ( I don’t remember the name ). They said there was another world in a speck of flower and only an elephant could here them. What if there’s a world in every flower?
How many flowers have you plucked yet? What if an alien would pluck the flower named earth?

What if the sea animals lived on land and mammals lived in sea. Imagine the sea life. And one day a shark will come fishing for humans. ( well you can’t call it fishing then I guess, or maybe you can? ). Remember sponge Bob? What if any of that is true?

Imagine all the Disney cartoons to be true. Cinderella, snow white, little mermaid. What if there actully exists a Doraemon with anywhere doors and all those cool gadgets?

Sorry if I bored you but What if any of this is true?

Author: Mirage

Tale as old as time

20 thoughts on “Imagination”

  1. Bhumika, u wrote nicely. ..people may feel that hiw strange is this that u writing on imagination but i tel u once upon a time one person has imagined abt time n people laughed on him but now he is greatest inventor of all time…Albert Einstein. ..keep it up…plz dnt stop imagining bhumika

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  2. I heard a story once..there was a king who slept one night and in his his dream he saw himself as a rabbit…the next morning when he woke up, he was confused..he didn’t knew whether he was a rabbit dreaming to be a king or he was a king dreaming to be a rabbit..
    these mysteries have no answer, but it feels good to look at them..and be in them..
    nice sharing

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  3. Not at all bored, great work. I would like to nominate you for the liebester award. No matter Bhumi what you say you deserve this award at least more than me. Thank you. And you already know the rules.

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