Dear Dad,
I know I am not the best daughter in the world, but you are still the best dad ever. I want to thank you for picking me up whenever I fell. For even when there was whole family, you were the only one who stood beside me. For all your activities were always centered around my goals and dreams. For always being able to see my dream and live it with me. For believing that I was right and the world was wrong.
I want to thank you for being the Santa not only on Christmas but everyday, whenever I demanded something.
I know I couldn’t be there for you the way you were for me every single time, but I promise to always be by your side.
I want to Thank you for all this and more. Because you’re the best dad in the world.

Happy Father’s day daddy. I love u.


The note

After all those years of being a single mother and working 15 hours a day, she once sat there looking at the sun set, holding the note which told her the truth she never listened,

“Dear future me,
Please don’t go back to him. He doesn’t love you and will cheat on you again.
You can do better alone. Do not give up on your dreams cuz of him.”

She should never have given up on her dreams. He made her quit everything she loved, gave her a daughter to look after and left her alone. But she still had faith he will come back one day.